In this video I’m comparing a Clearlight Sanctuary (their new “full spectrum” wood construction to a Sunlighten Signature  The Signature’s by the way are the original Sunlighten sauna models and the newer models that were the first Full Spectrum saunas offered are called their MPulse saunas which I review more about those in other videos.

It’s a challenge for consumers to understand wood types as their is a lot of disinformation out there on that topic. One way to greatly expedite your research and prove or disprove an infrared sauna company’s claims about their construction and wood is requesting their certifications but also you need their code or number so you can look it up yourself with the organization doing the certification. For example a good base requirement a good company should have is this:
Again don’t just except a company sending their certicications on their company letter head be sure there are reference numbers for the various organizations that you can try to look up the company’s products. You”ll be shocked how several company’s lie about this. Furthermore the manufacturers/factories that make the saunas for most companies are even lied to about the certification of the wood. Sometimes getting certification numbers from the manufacturer is needed and trying to validate it. It gets worse…even though they might have the certification I know factories that play all sorts of games like having some wood that is and other wood going in the saunas that is not and who is going to know the difference and find out? This is why Quality Control standards are important to investigate with each company and this is especially so if a sauna company is not also as the manufacturer. 90% of the sauna companies contract with outside factories and rely on those factories for sourcing materials and these sauna companies do not station employees at those factories and much much more… So in general there is very low quality control process or even potentially possible.

Back to my video:

It’s a challenge for consumers to really see the difference in quality between sauna brands like for example the two very popular brands Sunlighten Saunas and Clearlight Saunas. The challenge is that while these company’s sauna can look similar in professional photos ideally the consumer should touch and feel the sauna in person.

Unfortunately that can not always be possible for a lot of folks that purchase saunas doing so through the internet.

A quick way to assess construction quality is to simply get the Weight of the sauna models and compare. Consider the Sunlighten Mpulse for example is almost 600 pounds for their 1 person while the Clearlight 1 persons are just over 100.

In general 90+% of the sauna brands out there have a 600 pound sauna but only when you get up to 5 person size or even larger!

The question a consumer really needs to ask themselves is why does one company invest in a cheaper construction and another invest more heavily? (pun intended)…

Please note I sell most major brands of infrared sauna.