One popular company iMRS that does heavy marketing online likes to promote one beneficial aspect about the frequencies their equipment produces is related to this concept of the human body’s “biorhythm clock” and that it’s something important to look for in a PEMF device.

They also claim frequencies above that range of brain wave states 30hz is not good for the body. I say PROVE IT.

Where in PEMF research has this been shown to be valid substantiated claims. NO WHERE.

Watch out for companies using this scare tactic about PEMF systems that go beyond 30 hz not being therapeutic and potentially harmful.

A lot of consumers take the hook and believe in what the sales people claim without asking for the proof.

The body’s own cells will send high freqeuncy signals that go way beyond 30hz and this is completely natural and normal.

If you have more questions and need guidance contact me through the live chat window or contact page on this site. I sell a few brands of PEMF and spent the last 8 years comparing them and talking to real practitioners that have used many different brands.

The best one I have found is the QRS..quantron resonane systems. here is my google folder with info on sure to read the QRS brochure called Quantum Therapy

This system has about 20-100x more studies on it than other pemfs on the market. I also have a document in that google drive that is a comparison discussing the BEMER here it is:

Did you know Dr Fischer who is behind the first gen of the BEMER and behind creation of the iMRS first gen later after all that went onto create the QRS? the QRS is beyond the other two and it wasn’t just him it was a huge team of some of the best and brightest in the field of biophysics and more and this is discussed in the brochure folder Quantum therapy pdf. There has never been a bigger research project in developing a pemf than what happened in Germany and multiple countries for QRS.

I offer the best price on this system reach out anytime. 6 month return window….only one out there with one this long and that’s because it works the best.