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About Me

Working in the field of alternative health in many roles the last 15 years I started to see with my own clients that oftentimes changes in a person’s dietary lifestyle and incorporating exercise while very helpful for some people, did not have the impact it really needed for so many various adverse health conditions people were dealing with. Even the people who’s conditions did improve a lot, many times they got to a point that was not a complete recovery and/or restoration back to total health.

I saw this even with people who were spending thousands of dollars on the most advanced Nutraceuticals and supplements. When I started to work at an Alternative Health and Wellness clinic, it was then that I discovered a variety of health equipment I knew nothing about. This clinic was well known for getting results quickly, as well as being the main place for Doctors and other Licensed Health Practitioners in the area who were unable to help certain patients and clients to refer them as a last chance type of deal.

I remember one of the first experiences that really opened my eyes was seeing a woman who had a stroke a couple months earlier and had lost usage of her left arm start to receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber sessions and within a couple weeks was actually able to serve herself cereal with a spoon!

As you can imagine there are so many stories I could tell and this is what launched me into investigating and researching all of the best alternative health equipment out there to see what really worked and what didn’t. I sort of became an expert in the Alternative and in a short time was soon traveling around the country consulting with Spas, Rehabilitation Centers, Alternative Health wings of Hospitals, Wellness Centers of all kinds, Gyms, etc. to help them purchase the right kind of equipment suited to their healing approach and program for serving their clients/patients.

Fast forward to today and my goal has been to spread public awareness about these healing technologies and products. There is so much control of health information that is still suppressed especially in the U.S.. I will cite one quick example, Laser Therapy has been around for 30+ years and has 3,500 published studies behind it and thousand of licensed health practitioners have a laser and even more residential users, and yet still the vast majority of people have never heard of it, including probably some of you reading this now…who actually represent the more educated percentage of the population when it comes to matters of health.

What I discovered is that with the advent of the Internet and explosion of health information on it in the last 15years, so many people now do their research (including Health Practitioners) about their health goals or specific health conditions they might have and how to heal or improve it. So many companies and manufacturers selling health equipment of course try to position their product and market it in ways that are not always honest and there is so much misinformation. There is also a lot of health equipment that doesn’t do what people expect or what is claimed and in my experience I usually only find 5% of a product category’s brands/models really are worth purchasing.

If you are finding my site and learning about me for the first time, look to me as your personal guide for specific health equipment categories and topics. If you need my assistance please do respect the fact that I am extremely busy and this is why I have created so many videos on this site in an attempt to clone myself and get more of my knowledge out there. The videos are meant to give people enough background essential information and that way if I need to consult with you 1 on 1 we can be much more time efficient about figuring out what you really need to make a purchase decision and get the results you want. This is also why setting an appointment time for us and putting in a couple suggested times to reach out to you in the contact form would be most helpful.

Here’s to helping you realize your perfect vision of health,

Alex Tarris

Managing Partner with Empowered Soulutions LLC

P.S. If you know of any amazing healing technologies, programs, equipment, etc. please feel free to share this information with me. Thanks!

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