How My Affiliate Program Works

The purpose for the Affiliate Program is to give back to those that are supportive of the work I do sharing cutting edge health information and helping educate consumers and health practitioners about only the most life changing therapeutic equipment and products. It is also designed to reward each affiliate in proportion to their success at referring a client or customer to me.

Retail Customers

Receive the benefits of referring friends, family, clients and business partners by participating in our Affiliate Program.

If you want to sign up for this program please use the Contact form and send me a message stating you would like to participate in the program. I will respond back by providing you your own unique Promo code that you can put on your website or share with your friends, family, and clients. 

Be sure to instruct your referrals to provide me the Promo Code either by email, over the phone, or by typing the Promo code in that section on the Contact form. As long as I can connect a new client to you as the referral, I will gladly share 5% of your referral’s orders back to you paid as cash. The 5% if applied to the total retail price the equipment or product sold for before taxes or shipping is applied of course. This is the most generous Affiliate commission that I know about.

So to illustrate with an example: John refers his client or friend Mary to my website and Mary ends up purchasing a $3000 Infrared Sauna. John would receive $150 cash or check sent to him as Affiliate commission for Mary’s purchase.

Products/Equipment Excluded from this Affiliate Program:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
  • Therapuetic Lasers priced $10,000 and over
  • Cryosauna

Advantages of this Program For Health Practitioners

Most health practitioners are very busy and focused on building their business and helping clients and patients by offering them their main core services. The reality though is that for patients and clients on the alternative healing path, many of them will become interested in the types of equipment and product categories that I offer my expertise in on my website. In fact you currently might already be recommending some of these products to your clients or patients but not actually be earning anything as you don’t sell the equipment or device you are recommending.

For the Licensed or Certified Health Practitioner, the Affiliate program can be increased to a 7% referral commission off of the retail price of an item sold after the Affiliate refers at least 3 clients to me who purchase an item.  This can represent a significant income stream for your practice if you are actively recommending or advising your clients to incorporate usage of these types of health equipment/devices as part of a total holistic healing protocol or program of wellness.

You can have access to a variety of products and have my support as an expert consultant for whatever your client requires.  The sad truth is that so many health practitioners will work with clients and patients that will then go on to purchase equipment like some of the categories featured on my website but go off and try to figure it out all on their own. Many times these clients will end up purchasing something that does not meet their expectations, has low efficacy, is over priced, or can end up doing them more harm than good. Most health practitioners don’t have the time to expertise themselves and keep up with all the new product information and research to really consult adequately if their clients ever asked them for their advise on the product or equipment they were considering purchasing.

Please use me as a resource to help you create the highest possible therapeutic outcomes for your clients and or patients.