There is only one other company out there that makes an at home or office fully touch screen easy to use rTMS system. you do not need any special training.

The research on rTMS therapy spans everything from cognitive disorders, traumatic brain injuries, psychological disorders, anxiety, ptsd and more. Research begain a few decades ago.

For the cost of a year’s worth of rTMS going to a clinic instead you can actually buy your own device that is how affordable this one is. The company Innergy Development in Utah manufactures it and they have a long history the last few decades of designing and producing sophisticated health equipment.

Inside the programs on this device all of the latest research on the correct frequencies and other waveform settings are pre programmed for the specific health condition selected. Back in the day with old systems you had to have a lot of knowledge about the right protocols to program in and with this one all you gotta do is touch a couple of buttons.

rTMS is very safe and very effective and makes for a powerful modality to compliment other synergistic ones.

This equipment runs around $12k and discounts are available