This is a link to more information about the Body Lite equipment including brochure.

Body Light systems if refurbished can be $25k and goes up to $49k also depending on if you want all Red wavelength or the Red and Near infrared combo. I can consult with you when to go with the combo or not and also check on inventory if there are any refurbished.

I do actually sell other brands as well, light beds, wraps, lasers and I can tell you that the body Lite is still the strongest for opening fat cells and shrinking them. I can also consult with you on what other modalities done in what sequence and also what products your customers can use at home to maximize the fat loss possible.

I also have a team that handles driving clients to your door and we train you or your staff or bring in our own people there or over the phone to convert the leads to paying cash customers. We have done this for countless businesses and can 2-5x a wellness business’s revenue with our lead conversion systems which spans both online and offline aspects.

Reach out and we will help you get ROI on the Body lite quickly or whatever other products and equipent you may already have. Contact me if you would like a consultation where we can explain things in greater detail to you.

Name Type # of pads Wavelength Wattage Per Pad Depth of Penetration Price
Body Light LED 8 up to 16 615nm 6,000mW 10-12 mm $39-$49,500
Ultra Slim LED Panel 635nm 320mW 2mm $50,000
Lipo Light LED 8 635nm 300mW 9-10mm $24,750
iLipo Laser 4 650nm 360mW 10-11mm $62-$80k
Zerona Laser 0 635nm 300mW 2mm $55-$75K
Yolo Curve Laser 4 658nm 320mW 7-9mm $74,950
NOTE: All competitor brands cost an average of $19 -$70 per mW
Body Light costs around $1 per mW
20 times more powerful than competition