PLEASE CONSIDER: If you are considering this type of equipment for circulation or lymph issues or you are looking for accelerated after training recovery benefits then consider taking a look at the other product page on my site called Infrared Mats. These are an awesome synergistic therapy that provides Infrared and can be laid on simultaneously to getting compression treatment. Infrared penetrates through most materials and will go through the inflated chambers and into the body.

Consumer Industry Report Brief Summary:

Most competitors are actually distributors and do not manufacture their device.
Some are importers – Recovery Pump from Israel and Revitapump from Korea are two examples.

Quick Historical Points:
-Most competitors originally started out selling air pumps and leg sleeves (boot, garment) for medical use in treating lymphedema. This requires an FDA 510K, and can be found on the FDA website.
-These medical devices were resold to Home Health Supply or DME Dealers – that then resold them to patients to use and were paid from the patient’s insurance company. Some of these companies have a separate company or division – that sells directly to patients also – and directly bills the patient’s insurance company for payment for medical treatment.

-Most of these companies have NOT modified or sold their products to the Sports Market; as this is considered a “cash market” – and they prefer to bill and get paid from insurance companies.

-Some brands have modified their products for resell to the sports market.
Example: Normatec originally went over the high end “PRO” sports market – selling systems for $3,000 – $5,000. However, over time, as units are now being sold to any athlete – the prices have come down significantly.
Overall, because of the requirements for FDA clearance – all products are similar in their intended use and purpose. Pay close attention to that last statement.
NOTE – Customer Service for parts, repair and warranty work can be challenging for imported products, that must rely on a foreign manufacturer for support and shipping / delivery through US Customs.

Here are some quick Brand summaries:

I sourced out also links to some of these company’s medical sites – which are only sold through direct billing to a person’s insurance company – but requires an RX and insurance



They have the largest penetration in the PRO sports market – with units placed in most PRO teams and College teams. They recently developed the “MVP” model – in response to lost sale to the newer competitor units.

Normatec MVP $1,750.00 – periodic sale price of $1,595.00
Normatec PRO $4,999.00 – must call for direct price quote

Boot $435
Arm Sleeve $450 (2 for $825)
Hip $600
Hosing $105 – $190
Tote Bag $70
Battery Pack $195
Power Supply $60


Recovery Pump


They originally started out selling though reps and distributors. They were the first to “lower” the price – and compete directly with Normatec – at 50% + less price. Currently, they are focused on selling through the internet – and also through supporting events and targeted users such as Tri-Athletes.

Recovery Pump RP $1,195.00
Recovery Pump RPX (digital) $1,995.00
Pump RP – $695 / RPX – $1,495.00
Boot $350
Arm $350
Core $895

NOTE – Use 2 separate hoses to connect to the pump – time consuming




Sports Pump BIO $1,199.00
Leg Sleeve $149.99 EACH
Arm Sleeve $199.99 EACH



This company is primarily focused on internet sales and is really the only company doing Pay Per Click and online advertising.

They became the first company to focus solely on pricing to generate sales.

RevitaPump LX7 $599 (L) and $649 (XL)
RevitaPump LX7 $849.00 One Touch
RevitaPump LX7 $1299.00 2 Full + 1 Half Leg
RevitaPump LX7 $1,399.00 2 Full + 1 Half Leg + 1 Arm Sleeve
RevitaPro MK300 $3,699.00 Full Body




Advanced Sequential Gradient Technology

Pre-Set Cycle Timer for Optimal Inflation and Deflation Settings

Exclusive Seamless Air Chamber Cell Design
Extended Bottom Foot Chamber
System $539.00 with 2 legs
System $589 with 2 legs and 1 body waist
System $689 with 2 legs and 1 shoulder / arm
System $729 with 2 legs, 1 shoulder/arm and 1 body waist
Pump $399
Boot $109
Arm $99

Recovery Edge Therapy – uses 1 hose – quick and easy to use in setting up and disconnecting



  • Full-Length Arm Sleeve, Single
  • Shoulder Strap Option
  • Exclusive Seamless Air Chamber Cell Design
  • Durable, Lightweight, High-Quality Nylon
  • Latex Free, Non Stretch Fabric
  • Fabric Tested for Cytotoxicity, Delayed Hypersensitivity, and Animal Skin Irritation (ISO 10993-5, 10*)
  • Full Length Sturdy Zipper For Easy On/Off|
  • Low Maintenance Design, Simply Wipe Clean With A Damp Cloths