Of course there are many other Class 1-3 lasers out there. I don’t have all review info on every brand but if you ask about a particular company and brand I do have analysis I have done and will gladly email it to you by request! The below is mainly just a quick apples to apples specification glance comparing the strongest Class 3 laser LZ30 and some of the other Class 1-3 brands with the biggest brand recognition.



ProductOutput TypesEquipment TypeInfra Red Power*Visible Red Laser PowerWarrantyPrice
LZ30xContinuous, Pulsed, SweepCordless900mW@808nm190mW @ 637nm3 years$4,950
LZ30Continuous, Pulsed, SweepCordless900mW@808nm50mW @ 637nm3 years$4,250
Erchonia PL5000PulsedConsole + ProbesNone20mW @ 635nm2 years$12,000
ML830 (Battery version)ContinuousCordless90mW @ 830nm0mW1 year$3,995
Q1000ng (with probes)*Changes wavelength not pulse 470-940nmConsole + Probes43mW43mW5 years$7,500
Thor-LX (with probes)*Continuous, PulsedConsole + Probes1000mW@810nOpt: 2000mW probe69 Led Cluster Undefined Output1 year$13,020
Quantum Wave (with probes)*Not DisclosedConsole + Probes100mW100mW1 year$4,800
TerraQuant Pro**Class 1mPulsed, Sweep OnlyNo Continuous Wave**


Console + Probes25,000 super-pulsed mW (peak) @905nm, 60mw @ 875nm Super pulsed**7.5 mW @ 660nm2 years$3,995

* The Infra Red wavelength is better for deep therapy and the visible red is better for superficial or systematic therapy.
** All the lasers show the continuous wave power except for the TerraQuant Pro which is peak power. Peak power is very different from continuous power but the TerraQuant is pulsed only so they spec the peak power.