If you landed on this page you probably are looking for help in clearing up the confusion over different brands and models and dealing with a bad case of information overload. Right?

The good news. You are just one step away from getting my free expert guidance with so many different kinds of health equipment brands. Yea yea I know you’re probably wondering “Is his help really FREE?”  Yes.  No catch.

How do I offer FREE consultations? I am an Online Dealer for multiple companies in many different health product categories (even ones not yet listed on my website). So for example in the Infrared Sauna industry I work with 9 different companies. Or the 3 main Hyperbaric Chamber companies. Or 5 of the best brands of Whole Body Vibration Machines.

So I am also able sell multiple brands and that is where earn my commission. The difference is instead of talking to a Sales Rep from one company who is going to give you a very biased sales pitch about their brand, I can truly help you find what the right options to consider and talk about strengths and weaknesses of different brands/models.

To receive my help.  Simply fill out the form below. After that I will reach out to you by phone or email and go over some questions that can help us to focus in on what brands and models would be the best options to consider for your unique health goals, personal preferences, or business needs. In addition, you are always welcome to ask me for an in depth analysis and review information on any brands you have already been looking into or that I don’t talk about in my videos.

If you are preferring to speak over the phone together, please fill out a few potential times when I can reach you within your timezone.

I look forward to helping you soon.

-Your health equipment go to guy

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