Does Coolsculpting work for fat loss and body contouring? Yes.. but I would not choose to pursue it if you are a business owner looking to get into offering a lipo fat reduction kind of modality.

Does cool sculpting hqave an excellent academy for training and do marketing well? Yes. You can make money with it but I personally am adamantly against killing fat cells which is what this cool sculpting equipment does.

DONT KILL YOUR CELLS. Shrink and burn the fat inside the fat cells (either with radiofrequency or direct current or light) because that is how the body metabolically does it!

I have turnkey protocols with many different fat contouring clinics  where with the right approach you can help a person lose up to 4-7 pounds per week yes using light but other modalities as well.

Your fat cells play a very important role to your body metabolically so don’t damage them long term this very well could lead to hormonal imbalances and honestly cool sculpting has no longer term safety health studies. Cool Sculpting also is very expensive. You stack the right protocols together and for a tiny fraction of the expense you can get better results with other approaches.

Remember I’m stating this as someone that also sells $150k equipment but just because I sell expensive things dones’t mean I’m out to just make money and sell whatever I can to people that will pay for it. I consult with b2c and b2b where their budget is at. Also regarding Coolsculpting marketing program…it’s good but you certainly do pay for it one way or another.

Over many years now I have put together the best team that supports wellness businesses to thrive with new patients and clients and cash flow. Wouldn’t it be nice if Coolsculpting helped you sell more services not just body contouring?

Not all businesses want to just open up a coolsculpting sort of franchise..what if you have an existing business and you want to bring on body contouring in a modular way and bring in more clients?

My team can help you with exacrtly how to do this and convert at least 75% of your leads to cash paying sales. We can show you over zoom exactly how our system works and show you real case studies of businesses we are working with and getting results for. 2-4x in 2-3 months for a wellness business is common place with what we have created.