Basic Training


This protocol, inspired by Phil Campbell’s Interval Training Model, (this training model explained here stimulates HGH and EPO utilizing simultaneous hypoxia and hypoglycemia, separated by hyperoxia.  The training method rapidly improves VO2 max beyond other known training methods.


VO2 Max 11 week graphVO2maxScreenShot


EPO Phase: The model utilizes different stress models to stimulate adaptive mechanisms.  EPO is stimulated by initial and repeated hypoxia.


HGH Phase: Sprinting under hypoxic conditions creates a strong anaerobic burst, which drives strong hypoxia and rapidly consumes serum glucose causing a hypoglycemic dip.  This dip stimulates HGH levels.


There are three main differences in this protocol from the traditional sprint-8 model based on:

  1. The detox effect entends recovery time between sprints – especially early ones.  You can gauge toxin mobilization by recovery delay before the next sprint.
  2. Recover but don’t rest.  Once you recover from your previous sprint – do another;
  3. Stop when your sustainable sprint duration reaches half.  The number of sprints you complete up to eight illustrates your progress.
  4. This protocol allows for “fuller” recovery between sprints to allow for detoxification. Start your sprints immediately after you recover.  Don’t rest while your in the sprint phase.
  5. Adipose tissue is largely non-vascularized.  The cycle appears to stimulate fat-loss when followed by systemic hyperthermia.  When a sauna or hottub is available the author notes an average weight loss of 1/2 lb per session – when combined with moderate calorie restriction.


Escalated Detox occurs when blood flow and pulse exceed typical exertion levels.  This tends to create considerable detoxification – especially in early cycles.

Typical Time
Notes & Mechanism
Warm Up
– O2
Start on high altitude until “warmed up” – O2 sat usually drops to 81%
5 Min
Creates respiratory challenge and develops moderate duration oxygen debt
Exert at sprint you can hold for a minute.
1 Min
Escalates respiratory turbulence and increases oxygen debt to tolerance.
Oxygen Wash
Cruise at comfortable exertion level until fully recovered for 2 minutes.
4 Min
Respiratory turbulence utilizes oxygen debt to saturate oxygen. Multiple “exertion challenges” occur with core tissue detox. 4 mintues typical
  1. Spin up effort to sprint & switch to high altitude
  2. Start countdown from 30
  3. Count down to 15 & switch to high oxygen
  4. At zero – Cruise it – keep spinning
  5. Await Recovery – Watch for detox
  6. Repeat until sustainable sprint drops to 20 seconds
3-9 min with intermittent 30 second sprints
Oxygen/Glucose Challenge Cycle creates hypoxic / hypoglycemic challenges that stimulate hormone release.High pulse rate, normally 100% or more of age-maximum, trigger extra detox.
Cool Down
Cruise at comfortable Level
3 min
Wash out lactate created during sprints.
Lypolysis Optional
Sauna/Hottub at max tolerable temperature
15+ min
Sweat to aid lipolysis and flush toxins from lympahtic compartment by sweat. Method appears to accelerate weight loss.