Set an appointment time on the Contact or Support page. If you are already knowing what kind of product you want then begin to educate yourself a bit by watching the videos in the product category of relevance to you.
We can go over that by email but preferably over the phone.
Yes. I deal usually with all brands in a product category even brands that I do not list on the site so always be sure to ask. See two questions down for more info on my unique role. If you need to know prices always be sure to click on the video titles as many videos have more written content and prices on the actual page.
If you click on the bolded title instead of on the actual video box it will take you to it’s own page where there will usually be regular retail prices(unless you have a promo code or I am doing a sale so be sure to ask me). I also many times have more written content on the page below the video. In some cases I will have written content and no video.
Simply put that promocode you were given in the section that says Promocode in the Contact/Support page response form
I have Dealer relationships with Distribtutors, Manufacturers, and Companies directly for all products and brands in each category. I can even obtain brands and models I don’t even mention on my site so be sure to always ask me if you don’t see a particular brand listed if you are needing more info. I can stay totally unbiased by representing and having access to multiple brands in each product category. This way I can stay focused on getting you the right brand and model. I also have greater awareness of all sorts of equipment out there and so will recommend many times different equipment than what you might be considering depending on if I think it will suit your needs better. Ultimately my goal is to help you get what will actually work and meet your expectations. I also can beat anyone’s price online or offline so be sure to check with me always.
You always first contact the company/brand that made your product. Usually that company name is on the box, in the invoice/receipt, tracking, on the product itself, etc. Contact info also always comes with the product. You can also find contact info on the main Company’s website or ask me. If you are not able to reach anyone at the company easily or you are not being taken care of properly please contact me immediately and leave a message stating your situation and submit a Support response form.
Always be sure to check a company’s Returns and Shipping section as well as Warranty which can usually be found on their website. It goes over how long a trial period might be if one exists as well as any costs associated with returns, also damaged goods during shipment and what to do, also if there are any additional costs if you need to return the product either for repairs or to exchange for a different product either while still under warranty or outside of it.
No. And always check with a practitioner to assess if a product or equipment is safe for you.