We do have more pictures 🙂

Manufactured by innergy development. Innergydev.com I don’t think they are featuring the rooms though on their website. I can send more info though including quotes and specs www.healthhacksreviewed.com

The rooms can do an ATA of 1.5 and higher. Larger systems can come with IV stations inside optionally and nurses can enter through a specialized modualr decompression chamber.

Hyperbaric Medium 10×12 $249,000.00
Hyperbaric Large 12 x 15 $295,000.00
Hyperbaric X-Large 15 x 2 $349,000.00
Small Walk In Hyper Cube 6×8 $84,500.00

Considering how many people can use these at one time vs single size hardshell or soft shell chambers the pricing is an incredible value. 1 single hardshell chamber can run $75-150k to put things into perspective.

We also offer full support in driving patients or clients as well as conversion systems to turn existing clients or patietns or new into cash paying.

We have time tested systems for helping increase a client’s ROI which will mean your ROI on this room is secured within a few months even faster if you already have a good patient or client volume.