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I was put in charge of doing the research for my family on what Infrared Sauna to buy. I'm pretty good at researching products and information but this project turned out to be a bigger challenge than I ever expected. I ran across Alex after 2 months into my research. Needless to say I was pretty burned out and just about to give up. Alex helped me review the main brands I had narrowed down my list to and gave me tremendous insight into each one. Going through the health needs of my family we figured out which of the brands were going to be best. We accomplished all this in 2 days! Wish I had talked to him sooner would have saved me a lot of time and stress.  

Jane Goldsmith
Mother first Realtor second

I wanted to setup detoxification and Spa services for my Massage practice and I was considering buying two Infrared Saunas. I was concerned about getting safe brands and also models that would get my clients the best health outcomes possible. I gave him all the information he requested and he guided me to purchasing 2 different Infrared Sauna brands and all of this came in still under my budget. I didn't expect to get two different brands but he helped me understand the differences between them both and how they would work best for my unique business needs. I never would have been able to figure this out on my own.

Darren Mark, LMT
Massage Therapist

Initially I was so overwhelmed by all the conflicting information I was researching on the Internet about all the different sauna companies. My practice is very busy and I just didn't have the time nor patience to do my due diligence and make a really educated decision I wouldn't regret. I found Alex by running across his helpful Youtube videos and when I reached out got even more in depth analysis on several specific brands I was considering. Ultimately I ended up purchasing a sauna model that was right for my kind of practice and he gave me peace of mind on the safety and efficacy of the sauna for my patients.

Dr. Jonathan Clark