85% of infrared sauna brands I have reviewed do this same cheap manufacturing practice of not using the same wood type throughout the sauna because it reduces production costs. They might mix hemlock or particle board or plywood.

What I have found is that sauna companies trying to cut costs through this construction approach are also the same ones willing to compromise on other aspects as to the quality.

So when you learn a company does this practice be sure to grill them in greater detail about other aspects of their sauna.

Almost everytime particle board and plywood are made with toxic means and when heated up can create off gassing or VOC chemicals. Some sauna companies claim that they have had theirs tested and they are safe. I’m not sure if I 100% believe this is true as I have seen the tests and still have my questions about how they are done. Also the tests were run right after the plywood or board was manufactured….they don’t run the tests inside the sauna after they have been running off and on for months. Remember molecular compounds break down in heat OVER TIME. So the tests don’t represent real world usage and potential risks.

One thing I know for sure is that synthetic chemicals will breakdown over time due to thermal heat expansion and contraction. A couple companies claim they have less toxic particle and plywood and have had theirs third party tested for VOC. Maybe it’s safe….

So why not just have peace of mind and purchase brands that use only the same wood type through and through. No plywood, luan wood, particle board etc etc. Like solid Cedar, or Basswood, or Poplar etc etc?

What I have found is that Sauna companies willing to invest more on their sauna wood construction costs also are more willing to use higher grade components elsewhere in the sauna.

Interestingly the companies using the cheaper sauna construction approach also seem to think it’s ok to charge the same amount of money as truly higher quality constructed saunas.

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