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Currently offer the highest power supply options. Also offers the highest amperage footbaths. One could go past 15amps but there is no efficacy going beyond that. So basically person can go up to 15amps for a footbath. Even two people can do simultaneous footbaths at 15amps if they want. One functional reason for doing a high amperage footbath is if you or your client don’t want to spend a lot of time in a session. One could spend 15-30 minutes and get great results in such a short space of time. So really this brand is best suited option if you are a health practitioner planning to use it in a commercial setting.

Commercial Units available with higher amperage power supply for $100 more. Also the commercial unit that can do two footbath users at same time is $1900 resulting in a $500 savings versus buying two separate units. Replacement costs are cheapest of any brand at $60 to replace the thickest steel plate in the industry. few cents cost per footbath session <$1 and that is at a way higher amperage than any other bath on the market. If you were to run it at a lower amperage of the next highest brands around 5amp then you would have an even cheaper cost per footbath session.

One great design feature is the external fuse in the handle which allows you to easily purchase a high amp fuse and swap it out if you want to do the higher amperage footbaths. Most equipment out there has internal fuses…and even if you could swap them out their power supply can’t handle the higher amperage draw with a higher fuse.

The costs on this footbath are kept down because of several aspects this kind of is a no frills but very functionally designed equipment that is all about maximizing the amperage and therapeutic efficacy. There is no money spent on a digital display or sohpisticated control panel as that just reduces potential DC current to the array and also makes the units far more expensive. The only important variable to know is the amperage which is viewable in analog directly on the power supply. As far as timing yourself or a client everyone has a watch, phone, or clock nearby..or heck get a kitchen timer you can wind up!





                            THE D-TOX MONSTER PRO IONIC FOOT BATH.



The idea for D-Tox Monster Ionic Foot Bath was started 4 years ago when Zsaire went to an alternative medicine Doctor for treatment as he was losing faith in the modern medical system. There he saw an ionic foot bath being used for the treatment of serious illnesses. The footbath wasn’t the only tool the doctor used in his unique therapies, but it seemed to be a major component to his protocol. Not satisfied with the explanation given as to how and why the footbath was helping people, Zsaire then researched the different foot baths that were being used in healing therapies and discovered the actual benefits of the foot bath. Zsaire redesigned and adjusted the foot bath until it put out the maximum amount of negative ions and benefits. Returning the new design back to the doctor’s office, D-Tox Monster Pro spent 8 month along-side it’s $1,300 competitor (aqua-chi) which the good doctor used to reverse diagnoses for over a thousand people over 8 years.

D-Tox Monster has replaced the Aqua Chi in his doctor’s office and has been sold by the doctor now for over 4 years. One average many Alternative Doctor’s and Detox Wellness types of clinics are selling between 100-500 of these units per year to their friends and family, patients, clients, and on their websites. This currently is the biggest selling footbath on the market but very few people know this because D Tox Monster the company does not really spend any money on major advertising and promotions as there has not been a need to do so!


D-Tox Monster Pro ionic foot bath is the most advanced ionic foot bath technology ever developed. Of course every footbath company says this but really only one company and product can truly prove this statement as fact and is not a sales pitch. Many of the exclusive clinics this footbath is used and sold through have also conducted their own clinical trials (unpublished) and have years of experience using other brands of the top footbaths. Results and feedback has always blown the other brands out of the water. Even if you don’t have an electrical engineering degree these devices are not that complicated to understand. Just a few components make them do what they do but most brands use cheap grades of components and array designs that seem to show that there was a lack of understanding about how to develop a concentrated negative polarity field and ions. The poor quality components and fuse limitations also create a bunch of cookie cutter footbath brands that are all low amperage. That means that people that require higher amperage (dosage) due to their condition or health goal simply will not get any benefits.

D-Tox Monster pro is an alternative medicine device. It can be used in the privacy of homes anywhere without a prescription (rx). D-Tox Monster is a detox machine that super charges the immune system and cell voltage, by negative ion saturation in the water. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how footbaths work. You don’t release toxins into the water. It’s the uptake of DC current into the body and through the negative ion flow that restores proper cell membrane polarities and proper Zeta Potential in all fluids. The difference between someone who has a health condition and someone who is well comes down to cell charge. This is core biological science that very few people and even many health practitioners understand and yet has been well known since the 50’s.

The design of the array is so unique to other brands because when placing the feet on either side of the array in the tub of water and adding salt, the electrolysis process in the water forms 2 negative polarity fields you can actually see rotating.( I have never seen a powerful or proper enough negative polarity field formed in any other brand that actually creates visible swirling of the water. This is much better to see on video.

The foot bath charges the body like a capacitor/ battery. The immune system is boosted and the body receives more oxygen to the cells due to restoration of proper intracellular and extracellular charge potentials across the membranes. ALL METABOLIC PROCESSES TO WORK PROPERLY REQUIRE PROPER CHARGE POTENTIALS. So this means all the health benefits we hear about with footbaths are directly related to the charge of a cell. The D-Tox Monster pro ionic foot bath has been reported successful in relieving the symptoms of: acidosis, athletes foot, chronic pain, cancers, diabetic foot, edema, gout, immune system dysfunctions, infections, limes disease, parasites, rheumatoid arthritis, weight loss, wounds that won’t heal, sleeping disorders, ph-balancing, decalcifying the Pineal Gland and more……….These benefits are achievable with lower amperage footbaths 3-5 amp range (which are just a few brands and are actually higher than the other 95% which are super low 1-2amp range just require 4-15 times as many sessions to equal 1 Monster footbath session) They to healing is dosage.


Inventor of the D-Tox Monster Pro

Zsaire joined the Marine Core in 1979 and went to school in Lakehurst, New Jersey for parachute rigging where he advanced to safety equipment specialist for A4’s, A6’s, and Av8 Harrier jets. He later spent 12 years in the Alaskan fishing/diving industry as captain of the fishing vessels Atlantic, Explorer, Shannon, and the Connie Dee. He then got married became a land developer in Washington and California.

Zsaire has 4 years working closely with Dr. Lubecki and other talented alternative healers. He has acquired an immense amount of knowledge in the very quickly growing field of the “Heal thy self” industry.

Zsaire’s inspiration for the D-TOX MONSTER came through his own experiences with illness. His choice to use alternative medicine modalities became his passion. Extensive research and analysis results show the D-tox Monster Pro ionic foot bath is the very best on the market. His own health development and recovery was astounding healing over 5 different serious diagnosed health conditions. Zsaire also lost over 100 pounds and now stays in good health with the help of the D-tox Monster Pro.



                                               Why is this ionic foot bath brand so unique?

The array design.

  • Our array design exposes the feet to bio-electric negative polarity energy and generates      more negative ions, the good ions, for the best detox machine available.
  • Our array design last longer than another foot bath on the market.

(60-80) treatments before having to change the replaceable plates. Some foot baths only last 3-5 treatments before replacement.

  • Our plates are replaceable and they can be changed out in just a few min with 2 nylon nuts and bolts.
  • The replacement plates are manufactured only by our company.

The cost of replacement plates reflects a 40 min treatment for less than one dollar per treatment.

  • The newly designed green feet on the array make it stable and commercial looking.
  • The new handle gives the array more safety factors and allows us to include electronics we would otherwise have to modify the power supply to accomplish.
  • Our customers are happy to have the very best service included in their purchase.
  • Our videos and quick start guide will make it easy for the customer to set up and be confident they are doing everything they can do to get the very best of the D-tox Monster’s attributes.
  • One option will incorporate a pump in the kit for the elderly or weak to take foot baths without them or other family members around to carry the heavy tubs of water for the foot bath.
  • A pump is something that no other foot bath company incorporates.
  • Our unit is super cute and lovable and we can change the color of the feet so if a female wants to buy a foot bath we can make the feet color pink instead of green I love it.
  • In our future design for the spa or Dr. Office units, a larger power supply and dual arrays will allow 2 people to take foot baths at the same time.



Pictures of engineered array.








Thank you Connie!!


The detox monster foot bath makes a clear difference in how I feel. My doctor told me to use it at least 3 hours a week. It has become an indispensable part of my health program. I recommend it highly.

C. Graham




My name is Sky and I need to let everyone know the D-tox Monster really works. I have been sick with severe psoriasis for over seven years. I have tried everything including the $10,000.00 shots that my doctor had me doing. No relief, I decided to go natural and found herbs like skull cap and vitamins that would help but it would never completely clear up. A friend suggested I use her foot bath the D-tox Monster pro in my bath tub for an hour a day for 10 days. I saw results in two sessions and was clear in 3 weeks. Thanks to the D-tox Monster I now have new skin and a new me.








Hi my name is David, I was helping my dad move some dirt, the dirt was hot with chemical fertilizer and manure. I was supposed to wear boots, I had tennis shoes on and the chemicals burned my skin to the 3rd degree. I was in excruciating pain the only relief I got was an ionic foot bath D-tox Monster that my friends had. Using cool water and neutralizing the chemicals with the foot bath gave me great relief. I had two sessions and had no infection. It healed fast and I had a lot less pain.                        

Thank you D-tox Monster.