M6 $$$$
mphi5 $$$$
Perfect example of inferior application approach effecting efficacy. Also go onto Youtube and watch a video demo with the laser. The laser is a good distance away from the treatment area and at such low power level this device is really closer in effect to a dermatological or aesthetic skin treatment device. If you want real great treatment outcomes being hands free like this is not the way to go.

Highest cost per watt of any device on the market.

Manufactured by Cynosure, Inc. in Italy
$15,000-$20,000- Cost Per Watt – Infrared Models to any where from 1.1 Watts to 3.3 Watts.. so breakout your calculator, check your business credit score, and tell your kid they’ll have to go to a cheaper State University.

Laser Models: Mphi, Mphi5, M6
“MLS” – Multiwave Locked System (not clinically proven).  AKA Psuedoscience. These units are very aesthetic (nice looking); but high priced in comparison- and are expensive to ship and repair (large robotic unit).

They have all sorts of fancy Pulsing options. There is hardly any clinical studies out there supporting superior efficacy with Pulsing rates. Make sure to look at my SuperPulsing video page to learn more and to sober yourself a bit if you have read their marketing material or talked to their sales people.

Cutting Edge Lasers.. Cutting your Wallet in half