PL Touch

Cost for these models runs anywhere from $15-$18,000
$750,000-$1,000,000 cost Per Watt (don’t believe me go break out your calculator)

I really have to laugh at all the different models they have as if they are each somehow uniquely special therapeutically. It’s like walking into a office supply store and finding a laser pen pointer section each laser pen looking different with slightly different price tags. I imagine practitioners believing in the illusion of product selection and that these devices are more sophisticated than they really are when they miss the point entirely that they are still just laser pens that are over priced.

Oh yes ask around you will hear from some of the practitioners who get “good” results with Erchonia. Like a broken record I have always said that all phototherapy devices have some level of efficacy. They work…so that is the good news

Many of the practitioners who will tell you I get great results with the Erchonia are usually telling the truth. Great compared to not using a laser. Ask them if they have tried other brands of lasers and higher powered devices especially (could even just be a stronger Class 3 not necessarily class 4 which is easy to find considering Erchonia is so low level). Almost every time the Erchonia user is totally biased as its the only laser they really have experience with.

Talk to practitioners that have used a variety of lasers over the last 10 years lets say and they will tell you its pretty easy to tell the difference between driving a LAmborgini or Ferrari and driving a 1970’s VW Beetle. But if all you ever drove was a VW Beetle you might believe that your car is adequate and couldn’t understand what higher performance cars might be like.

Let’s further the analogy why would you want to have a car that was able to cruise at 65mph? Doesn’t a car that can go at a top speed of 30mph still get you to your destination? Now imagine if the price tag on both cars was the same or in some situations imagine the 30mph car was more costly than the 65mph!Keep in mind that if you never really had experience with cars directly and you walked onto a car lot and a great sales person approached you, there is a very good chance they will close you on the 30mph.