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I have to apologize in advance folks on my sarcastic pissed off unprofessional tone, but wouldn’t you also be a bit annoyed if you found out you were being taken advantage of with $9,500+ profit margins and being told disinformation that was not true and even could be classified in some cases as fear tactics in order to get people to buy their product?

We have Microlight Corp to thank for helping promote and spread a lot of the rumors that still persist on the internet today and by word of mouth.  If you are one of those people reading this who are convinced or thinking about investing in their grossly over priced device, then please come to me with all the unsubstantiated claims you are indoctrinated with and I will help restore you to sobriety so you can once again evaluate multiple brands with clarity.

They have 30mW diodes usually around 3 of them. You could purchase that kind of laser power today for $150. They got their FDA clearance in 2001 and haven’t reinvested a dime into improving their laser because they believe they created the best laser ever so why would there be any need for improvements. Besides it might give buyers remorse to practitioners who purchased the “old” or original devices. I suppose they did create one of the best lasers if there was never another laser created after theirs and if we ignore all new studies since then and all the laser innovations with engineering. In fact we should also believe that only the 830nm Wavelength has any efficacy as well since they discovered it. Heck maybe they even invented Infrared!

They commonly spread rumors about burning patients and over treating areas with higher power lasers.

And look at this balogne I found on one of their online dealer’s websites:

For devices requesting clearance for indications under the ILY procode, that is, devices that use thermal energy to provide pain relief through local heating, we [at the FDA] require that these devices demonstrate the ability to generate temperatures of 40-42° C at the treatment site for a duration of 5-10 minutes.

From these criteria and the ILY title “Infrared Lamp” it is clear that ILY devices treat pain with heat, the same way as electric heating pads, hot packs or sunlamps.

When the MicroLight ML830® was cleared, the FDA added a new code, “NHN,” and its title is “Lamp, Non-Heating, For Adjunctive Use In Pain Therapy.”

The new FDA “NHN” code implies that NHN devices treat pain by means other than the mere topical heating of tissue, and studies show this to be true. The new treatment is with true laser diodes (which are “NHN”) as opposed to light emitting diodes or LED’s (which are “ILY”).

Newsflash there are plenty of other lasers that have received the same FDA clearance…

And yes ladies and gentlemen what they just did there, was throw higher powered Infrared laser and Infrared Therapy…that warms you up a little.. under the bus. Infrared creates heat. Duh. And it is well known that infrared induces several processes on the cellular level it doesn’t just create heat. Thank goodness Microlight came to the rescue with that piece of information. I was about to believe the thousands of published peer reviewed studies out there getting therapeutic outcomes by using higher power Infrared lasers than the precious ML830. Phew close one. Now where can I buy one of their $10,000 dollar systems?! I hope they have a convenient payment plan. And while I’m at it I need a new computer for my office, does anyone have a used 1995 computer they could sell me? You know computers were just better made back then and there haven’t been any improvements since then in technology. Jeezuz.