The most common question I get asked in regards to this brand of laser is, “Why is it so much lower priced than other Class IV lasers?”


This laser comes with two diodes of varying beam dispersion width as well as a probe for doing surgery only if the practitioner is licensed and trained to do surgery in their practice. BTW it should be noted that no other laser company out there provides two different probe sets at no extra cost.

There are a few reasons:

1.Most lasers are overpriced which makes this fairly priced brand look cheap! Consider that usually a laser company gets their lasers from a manufacturer and at minimum the laser company marks up the price 30%. Granted the laser company has employees, provides marketing and training etc. It comes down to how much of a profit a laser company wants to make and how much value they think they bring to the table. The truth is that most companies over value themselves.

2. CAO group who is the manufacturer of this brand of laser is the manufacturer also so they are directly selling to the public which keeps the price lower. They also are one of the only laser manufacturers in the US so they don’t have to factor in importation and additional taxes if they are bringing in lasers from overseas like some laser companies have to to sell in this country or Canada.

3. I also know a couple people that used to work within CAO Group and I have several other contacts that have worked for other laser manufacturers as well as companies. The info I got from what it was like working at CAO Group is that Mr. Cao has a lot of integrity and also runs the company in a highly controlled fashion. It is one of those rare instances where the founder has a lot of control over how a business is conducted and that founder or CEO also is not deadset on making as much money as possible and is more concerned about delivering the best quality product. This manufacturer also is not just making therapeutic lasers, they are involved in other industries and also do R&D. Most other companies have all their eggs in one basket which is the therapeutic laser market and so must make it as profitable as possible and this leads over time to using cheaper grades of components and higher retail markups.

4. Fancy features that do not directly aid in improving treatment outcomes generally are just there to rake in more profits for a laser company. Take a look at the control panel on the Pilot and it looks pretty cheesy and even old fashioned. Very analog. A Laser company many times will have the manufacturer dress up the packaging and features and suddenly the laser is now $5-15.000 more. Tell me if we could get a digital touch screen on this device with some presets would you be happy to spend another $10,000?

If the price of a laser is not a big concern to you then sure go for all the bells and whistles that offer more convenience. Just keep in mind extra bells and whistles is not just a complete upside, they can also have a downside as it can become those extra things that could go wrong and might need repair in the future.

5. Most companies are rolling into the retail price, charges for training and support whether you need it or not. I mean everyone needs training of course but not everyone needs it to the same extent. This is also a perfect example of an aspect of where a laser company might overestimate their value and worth. I know of several very popular laser companies who are inflating their lasers $5-8000 because of their training and marketing support. Meanwhile there are other companies that provide the same support for free or if you want a more customized intensive training and support with marketing there might be an additional charge of $1-2500 depending on the company.

Really when you think about it the more fair approach to the consumer is providing a more affordable price point on a laser device and providing everyone a basic level of service and then providing additional service for that consumer that feels they need extra support to be more successful and achieve better treatment outcomes and better ROI.