Update: Company still >does not have FDA Clearance and CEO Dr. Lytle is probably going to prison.

Yes ladies and germs the CEO I’m sure you remember him championing around at all the trade shows and big special conferences making endless claims about what his laser can do and what it could treat when the device did not obtain any 510K FDA clearances for the applications he recommended. He was even recommending shining the laser in the eyes for treating eye conditions!!!! Probably the biggest no no and issue with lasers when it comes to possible dangers is shining it accidentally in the eyes. This guy was head of the company for most of it’s time in business up until a couple years ago.

The FDA waited years and years accruing a huge case against the company.

“After several warnings from the FDA, this distributor was well aware he was in violation of the law by continuing to market laser devices for unapproved uses,” said U.S. Attorney Brendan V. Johnson.

I am honestly surprised they have gotten away with keeping their company website up. Must have great lawyers..

But let’s talk about the laser itself. It uses very old technology which includes the battery and battery technology in devices has advanced so far in the last 10 years alone. The cost per watt is higher than other Class 3’s. The extra probe you should really get to obtain the higher infrared beam ends up being pretty costly to add on to the main unit. You also have a wire that connects to that extra probe to the main handheld unit making it more complicated to hold and do treatment applications.

The conclusion is this is an old technology low level laser and quite simply there are better devices for better price points in the class 3 category. And don’t forget folks you can get Class 4 lasers for even more competitive cost per wattage and just dial down the power on those to be at the same levels offered by the Q Laser!