All adverse events with lasers AND LED devices are recorded for public record so you can check yourself. If the myth was true that Class IV devices put patients at greater risk for burns then we would most likely see a skew in statistics with those class of devices but this is NOT the case at all. We see balanced statistics with class 3 and 4. What we find is that most of the time situations of burn or tissue damage in some way is due more to not following training and improper use of the device.

A side point with lasers that are considered cleared for OTC (over the counter) meaning anyone can purchase for use at home…those lasers are so weak that the risk of burn is pretty much impossible. Guess with laser is cleared for OTC?….MultiRadiance Medical and their whole line of models (Terraquant, MR4Activ). Nothing wrong with this but they just shouldn’t be charging as much money as they do and also convincing practitioners that they are just as effective if not more than real high powered lasers. Practitioners and home users get duped by this company all the time.

Get yourself a higher power Class 3B or Class 4 if you want to get great efficacy with a variety of conditions. If you are after superficial results then get an OTC laser.

Links below are for checking companies and equipment that have adverse events recorded on public record.