I don’t use the word Scam just to attract attention. Watch the video and determine for yourself.

Some of the lead LED panel (photobiomodulation) companies are representing their devices with false specifications mainly their Irradiance power normally stated in mW per cm2.

The scam is that their power specs are innaccurate due to using the wrong kinds of meters when measuring the light output of the LEDs. I have only found two strong LED devices that have accurate specifications.

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UPDATE with regards to responding to one point of confusion in the video: For those that manufacture the LED panels where they are constantly having to measure things like light spectrum divergence, refractance, and the interference of waves that all happen while trying to treat the body at a a fairly large distance away from the devices and considering LEDs produce incoherent beams…

What I have found in talking to the various engineers of various LED panel companies is that depending on intensity of the red lumens depending on flickr rate depending on positioning like varying the distance between a NIR LEDs and Red LEDs and measuring the beams at 3 inches away 4,5,6,7,8+ inches all of these factors can influence how NIR and RED interact BEFORE they reach the skin.

And remember the panels aren’t just about skin health, they are making claims around metabolic benefits and so we then need to calculate how that light upon reaching the skin is penetrating the dermis layers and to what extent.

Conclusion–People this is all way more complicated than you think making these things..and this is why actually a lot of design aspects go unaddressed and you have certain designs that do not perform as well because the company maybe didn’t want to spend so much more engineering time and money tweaking something that you the average consumer aren’t even educated enough to even formulate the question about.

At the end of the day the price of the product over a competitor might be a bigger driver of total sales along with ability to break up payments during checkout. So all those variables you could spend hundreds of hours on just tweaking and changing around getting different results.

Then all of that can vary depending on the treatment application or health goals desired. So like what about whole body light beds where the LEDs are under a thicker clear material 2 inches away? What then? What about 1 inch? What about the material’s lensing effects covering the diodes of a panel along with the protective layer encasing all of them? What if the treatment goal of the NIR and Red combo is mainly for skin conditions? Or what if it’s for inducing lipolysis in fact cells? What if…you see?

Different software and hardware settings and setup can be different depending on treatment applications or health goals of the users. There are a lot of challenges in using LEDs versus Lasers and with LEDS measuring them is tricky especially visble light spectrum and how they interact at distances is also complicated.

While I have your attention, I do sell a couple brands of the panels, however what I have found with most people is the health goals they are seeking with them, usually they can achieve better results with different modalities out there or even the right supplements. A lot of people spend money on these light panels and get ZERO results for what they were expecting.

Check in with me first let and me know what your conditions or goals are. Remember my advice here is coming from a guy that also sells $90,000 red and nir LED beds.

So I’m not against selling these technologies but with the smaller panels they have a more minimal scope of benefits and again sometimes there are better alternatives.