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Listen to how softly his foot lands using the harness system!

The LightSpeed is a Body Weight Support System developed for physical rehabilitation and athletic training. The LightSpeed is designed to work with existing treadmills and allows for a controlled body weight lift of up to 35 lbs.

With the use of custom shorts or a lift-belt attachment device walking or running become easier, enjoyable and safe.

LightSpeed reduces impact force, encourages better form and increased speed.

For the practitioner:

The LightSpeed  allows patients to be worked with earlier in an acute or post surgical care plan. Rather than 4-8 weeks post-op, and helping patients at 2-4 weeks post-op.  Using equipment like this reduces a patient’s rehabilitation time, reducing insurance and patient costs, returning patients back to there activities of daily living in an earlier time frame ahead of our old treatment models. The Lightspeed also allows patients to maintain their aerobic capacity throughout the rehabilitation process.

For the Physical Therapist or other rehabilitation trainer or clinic, what is found is that most Lower Extremity (LE) patients will benefit from time on the LightSpeed and can be especially helpful with lumbar microdiscectomy patients/clients. Consider even more debilitating conditions like cerebral palsy.

Clinically, it’s easy to see how patients would benefit from using a treadmill but at reduced load on the body.  There is really such a wide variety of different patient populations that can benefit from this aspect of weight reduction.  A system like this can allow a practice, clinic, practitioner to market to different groups that they couldn’t otherwise. One unique example would be the barefoot running trend where you could let people adjust carefully and progressively to that by using the LightSpeed. This could help protect those that are overzealous from running to any pitfalls or obstacles along the way.

Consider that having a LightSpeed can provide opportunities to market to physicians when contacting them to discuss the benefits of this training their patients.

By adjusting not only speed and incline, but also body weight, you can modify the workload and maintain the client’s/patient’s target HR. Exercising at a constant pace or sustaining the intensity for the duration of the workout is highly effective for weight loss on a treadmill as another example of a group to market to and work with.

Athletes, Senior Mobility, Disabled individuals, Rehab patients..the list goes on.


For the home user:

This can be the most affordable system other than shelling out over $30,000 for an Alter-G (anti-gravity treadmill). For the average individual focused on training and exercise for their health running for miles can tend to lead to common conditions like shin splints and heel and foot injuries.  The Lightspeed is a great supplement for training with long runs or harder runs as well.

What I recommend is utilizing the Lightspeed to supplement a percentage of your miles. Even 2 distance runs per week at 30-50lb body weight reduction will make a huge difference in how any current muscoskeletal conditions can recover between runs. The LightSpeed is great because you get the low impact benefits of cross training while still firing the muscles like normal running.

What is Overspeed Training?

Overspeed training is an effective method to recruit new muscle tissue to enhance performance when an athlete accelerates their body, or parts of their body, at speeds greater than regular competitive speeds. An overspeed training session typically has the athlete performing at a rate of 8% to 13% faster than the athlete’s fastest speed. As the athlete is training at the higher speed new muscle motor units are engage within the same muscle tissue, building and developing speed and agility.  Great overspeed training is now available to the general public, not just professional teams through revolutionary technology available to you at many of your local physical therapy locations.  This is accomplished with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills that use differential air pressure to reduce the athlete’s body weight down to as low as 20%.

Overspeed Training is Possible Now!

Overspeed training is an effective way to extend the range of motion and engag muscle tissue that typically is not triggered. Under normal conditions training at these high intensities can cause injuries because:

  • Balance needs to be supported
  • Proper running mechanics should not suffer at higher speeds
  • Ground reaction forces should be minimized to decrease impact and stress on joints

We all know about other devices available used in training for towing, such as rubber bands and pulleys. But only reducing weight load properly  can allow a person to safely load the muscles and increase speed and agility to attain a higher level of performance.

LightSpeed is a highly effective for both recreational and competitive athletes because it allows them to train longer, run faster, gain additional strength, and enhance cardiovascular performance while minimizing impact and stress on their joints.

  • Strengthens and improves coordination of muscles, which in turn protects surrounding joints.
  • Promotes the full range of motion while minimizing stress during athletic conditioning.

Some well known people using the LightSpeed: World-class runners like marathoner Kara Goucher, American mile-time recordholder Alan Webb, and American 5k record holder Dathan Ritzenhein all use body weight support machines in their workouts. That’s because running legend Alberto Salazar has chosen to use these systems on a regular basis with his Nike Oregon Project athletes. By reducing impact force on your lower extremities, the LightSpeed BWS system allows you to train at higher speeds and increase the intensity of your training while reducing stress-related injuries. This allows you to maintain a higher heart rate for longer while maintaining good form. In competitions, this translates to a competitive edge.

“I have never done so much quality speed work without injury.”
Katie McGee, marathon runner

What about raw speed? NFL athletes like Isaac Bruce (St. Louis Rams), Blake Brockermeyer (Denver Broncos), and Cedric Woodard (Seattle Seahawks) have all praised overspeed training as a great way to increase both speed and agility. By using a body weight support system, you can train your fast-twitch muscles and nervous system to get faster turnover and higher top speeds, all without the extra stress on your body you would have if you ran at full weight. You’ll sharpen your reflexes and train your body to run faster without damage.

Overspeed training typically has athletes running 8–13% faster than their normal top speeds while maintaining good mechanics. Extending range of motion and recruiting new muscle motor units means an athlete running a 5.0 second 40-yard dash could shave 0.5 seconds off their time in just six weeks of training.
Top Athletic Programs Use Body Weight Support Systems

US Olympic Training Centers
New England Patriots
Los Angeles Lakers
Manchester United
AC Milan