The Top Things You Need to Know Before Buying ANY Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Device



Tip#1: It is critical to use only machines with low intensities between 0 and 70 uT (Micro tesla). ALL the top companies (MRS 2000, QRS Quantron and Bemer ) found that the lower intensities work better than the stronger intensities. Here, MORE IS NOT BETTER. In Fact, it’s the opposite. The lesser field strengths actually worked better in clinical studies. IMPORTANT: If you are chemically sensitive, you will want to find a mat with a picotesla setting (very weak magnetic field).


Tip#2: Make sure the machine uses frequencies that are closely aligned to nature. Ideally this would be around .5 to 25 Hz. Nature produces frequencies mainly in this range. Additionally Electroencephalogram EEG studies prove that the brain wave patterns are roughly in this range from Delta to High Beta. Furthermore, there is good research that proves the biological window of frequencies the body best absorbs is roughly 0-30 Hz. Also look for a sawtooth waveform on the signal.


Tip#3: It is critical that PEMF equipment switches polarity every few minutes. This is important because the human body will get used to a constant North pole or South pole polarity.


Tip#4: Make sure the unit has a good warranty. Because these devices (With the exception of the ICES Micropulse at $430) are around $3000 to $4000 on average, it is very important to make sure you are under warranty for at least 2 years, 3 years is better.


Tip#5: Check to see if you will be supported AFTER you buy. Everybody is different and you may need a little help to insure you get the full benefit of the machine.


Tip#6: Look for a Device with a Biorhythm Clock or at least a machine that adjusts the frequencies to different times of the day. For example, you don’t want to be put to sleep in the morning or energized before bedtime. What you need is energizing frequencies early in the day and relaxing ones at night. Most machines DON’T offer this option, so ask.

Exception to this tip is the ICES Micropulse



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This part is currently under construction for a brand new review as hadn’t been updated in 5 years. In the interim I do PEMF consultation over the phone and by email with residential users and health practitioners.  I am a Dealer for many of the major brands so can also provide quotes.