Here is some info on where Healthmate the company has their businesses where it’s run and manufactured etc.

I really respect what this company said on their webpage more than most companies in regards to their heaters and the actual wavelength they are producing as related to their surface temperatures. It’s refreshing to read that and I applaud them for being more honest than most of the sauna companies in the industry.

That being said there are still some things that I disagree with. One is that they say anything below 5.6 isn’t emitting true Far infrared heat…(that part is true) but they then say disregard the infrared spectrum below that so NOT Far infrared as it has no therapeutic efficacy essentially. Seriously?

So I guess they know nothing about the over 2,000 clinical studies done on Near infrared from 808-940nm with LEDS and LASERS for treating animals and humans. The main source of infrared knowledge and it’s efficacy actually come from that field and in the part of the spectrum they say is useless…

They are just harping on the same promo line most sauna companies talk about in regards to Far infrared being the best thing out there. Now granted I agree with Healthmate that most of the sauna companies promoting Far infrared and claiming  9.4 microns is a scam because they are right that most of their emitters don’t get close enough to 100 degrees surface temperature. Some do though…

But either way you see how they are positioning themselves to sell their emitters which really I would say is putting out more Mid Range infrared that’s what makes no sense really. They are throwing companies under the bus for not getting close enough to 100 Degree surface temp with their emitters and yet they are saying that their emitters are 330-360 degrees. The reality of the situation is that even the crappy carbon re-brands on the market get their emitters to around 160 degrees. Anyone can validate this with a laser thermometer and I do in a couple of my videos.

No those carbon brands aren’t creating perfect 9.4 but they are a heck of a lot closer probably in the 8’s. Healthmate also wants to ignore the biological fact that health cells emit around 9.4 microns cells and water are receptive to it and vibrate or resonate to it the most.

Really their emitters are putting out more of MidRange but yes technically their peak wavelength average is of FIR and again I can totally respect them for providing more data on their surface temperatures of their emitters along with educating the public using Wein’s law or Planck’s for calculating their micron range:’s_displacement_law

In spite of this this info on their site, there still are several problematic issues, but hey they are trying to get consumers to buy their saunas as most companies in this industry do as well, so it’s pretty common to have some info that is confusing or only partially true aimed at convincing potential buyers.

Check out my reviews on the Sunlighten Mpulse to get clarification.

They have 3 different kinds of emitters.
1. LED array creates an exact Near infrared nanometer wavelength that is the most used wavelength in clinical studies

2. They use polyimide material that gets to 360 degrees surface temp which I even validate with a laser thermometer. To date only Ceramic material has ever gotten that hot like the Healthmate for example so this is a real breakthrough Sunlighten created with that alternative material (They have an Actual patent on that you can look up at the US patent office)

3. They have their original patented mix of mineral elements that create the Far spectrum to 95% efficiency….which bring me to the question of how come Healthmate never once mentioned the efficiency of their emitters! That’s because everyone knows that the old school rods are poorly efficient mainly superior at producing lots of heat which is more about convenience of warm up times versus therapeutic benefit. In fact they even admit it right here:

“Wavelengths are evenly distributed without loss of heat in the air”

They are trying to sell you on the concept that you are getting an Infrared sauna for how well it can warm up a cabin versus getting it for the actual Infrared production.  See the difference?

If you don’t contact me for free 1 on 1 guidance and I can help assess and we can figure out together what kind of model or brand of saunas you might want to consider for your needs and goals. I am still migrating lots of content to a redo of my website so if you find any information or reviews that are missing that you want info about just send a message to me through my site or call me anytime.