Recovery Edge Therapy

  • The Recovery Edge Therapy unit is made in the USA.

    It is manufactured in California, in an FDA registered facility.
    It offers complete parts and repair onsite, with quick turnaround for any problem; resulting in excellent customer service
    – uses 1 hose – quick and easy to use – in setting up and disconnecting
    – Priced under $1,000 for basic system of pump and full leg boots
    – Due to low price for basic system of pump, and full leg boots – can buy additional accessory items – for a TOTAL TREATMENT PACKAGE – and still BE LESS COST than the “Basic Recovery Pump” Device.

The below Key features to focus on with this brand are really the core of what makes this brand the best option because for some of these Key features put into the design of the system actually promotes better therapeutic efficacy and that is what we are after. Because Recovery Edge is the newest kid on the block, the company looked at all the other brands to date when it was in the R&D stages and incorporated only the best features and improved on many of the existing. In this case there are significant reasons to go with the newest compression system due now to better design.


Key Feature: Extended Bottom Foot Chamber

The Full-Length Compression Leg Boot features an Extended Bottom Foot Chamber that is a specially designed foot compartment that includes the entire bottom of the foot.

This feature results in an increased circulation up to 25% in comparison to other devices without this Extended Bottom Foot Chamber.

Key Feature: Exclusive Seamless Air Chamber Cell Design

Each Full-Length Compression Leg Boot has been manufactured using Exclusive Seamless Air Chamber Cells Design between each of the 4 chambers, which greatly increase the ability to effectively push up all the blood and lymph fluid without back flow.

This is In sharp contrast to competitor boots or sleeves that have “gaps” or “seams” between each chamber and may result in back flow or hold between the chambers and overall decreased efficiency in circulating blood and lymphatic fluid.

KEY FEATURE: Advanced Sequential Gradient Technology

The Recovery Edge Therapy Pump uniquely features Advanced Sequential Gradient Technology designed to deliver a controlled amount of pressure that is greatest at the distal end (foot) of the leg boot which gradually decreases towards the proximal (top) end of the garment. This creates an effective pump action which pushes fluid and blood back up through the body. This technology functions in much the same manner as the body does by utilizing muscle groups. The body uses various muscle groups to move the lymphatic fluid through the channels. The lymphatic system relies on these muscle groups to rhythmically move the fluid through the body. Unlike the body’s vascular system that has the heart to pump the blood through the body, the lymphatic system does not have a built-in pump. An additional benefit to Advanced Sequential Gradient Technology is that it can prevent blood and lymph fluid from reversing back to the leg or arms during the inflation cycle.

Key Feature: “Pump Unit” – Pre-Set Cycle Timer for Optimal Inflation and Deflation Settings

Pre-Set Settings: 36 second inflation (9 seconds each chamber) and 24 second deflation (4 chambers)

  • Chamber 1 (Foot):          36 seconds
  • Chamber 2 (Ankle):        27 seconds
  • Chamber 3 (Calf):          18 seconds
  • Chamber 4 (Thigh):        9 seconds

Key Feature – Dual Leg Single Integrated Hose
Integrated Tubing
Durable Construction
One-Way Hose Connection to Pump
Quick-Snap Connections to each Boot or Sleeve