It’s important to review infrared sauna company’s shipping and packaging practices as the majority of technical problems your sauna will have tend to happen after the saunas leave the factory floor. For the brands I am a Dealer for I actually visit their HQ and tour the shipping and receiving warehouse as part of my due dilligence process.

You have to remember that better sauna companies fully inspect all the saunas they produce and test them on the factory floor to ensure they work perfectly. So how come consumers are getting their saunas and setting them up and having technical problems sometimes?

Sometimes quality control and testing at the factory isn’t adequate. Sometimes it’s the freight shippers to blame being too rough during transit things get jostled.

Usually the larger nationwide shipper hands off your sauna to localized regional fullfillment which is a smaller company. There is a lot of changing hands and things that happen from the factory floor before it gets to you so that is why I am very concerned on working with companies that package their saunas well hence this video.