This emitter is patented (you can actually look up the number at the online US patent website) material is Kapton TM from Dupont and is used in other industrial applications because is very useful for industrial usage where lots of heat is generated. Thermal applications.

Polyimide –

Sunlighten found a way to bake together the proprietary mix of elements that are black on the backside of the polyimide film that is responsible for producing the 99% emmissiv Far Range. The polyimide can conduct enough electricity to warm up to 340+ degrees which you can see me record on a laser thermometer while the sauna is turned on. While carbon panel saunas using polypropylene (all other carbon sauna brands) will get their emitters up to the low 100’s maybe up to 160. A little too high and then that material will breakdown and malfunction.

One other advantage to putting the proprietary mix of elements fused onto this film on the back that is responsible for Far production is that it’s right on the films surface which now brings up the Far emissivity to 99% which no other company has accomplished partly because they are sandwiching their elements between polypropylene. This makes controlling the surface temperature impossible and the key is understanding surface temperature and peak wavelength and how they are related.

If  you hear anyone bad mouthing this Mpulse emitter technology just ask them if 1. They have a patent on their product/brand and 2. Ask them to go online with you and look up the Sunlighten patents and refute them.

Keep in mind that if the US Patent Office accepted a product/ design then this implies it has been shown to work and do what is claimed.

As I say always get proof of  a claim and always be sure it is third party. Any company can put something on their own letter head…that is not good enough. The US Patent Office for example is a third party independent entity.

If you have more questions about this emitter technology and if it’s right for your personal health needs call or send me a message.