Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and further don’t believe that you can figure out the quality of a sauna by looking at high resolution photos of it in a brochure or on a company website.

In this example if you look at Sunlighten’s emitter system there would be no way of telling it was placed inside a wall recessed and cut out allowing the emitters to avoid accumulating dirt as well as allowing your back to contour into the stretchy bamboo carbon fiber fabric covering the removable emitter frame covers. Even if there was as picture showing this on their site there is still more information to learn from these various companies which can help give insight into the integrity or quality of a brand. It takes three people working simultaneously to create one of those emitter cover backrests.  You certainly can’t tell that from a photo.

It’s this type of info not all companies share and also you the consumer doesn’t have time to examine all the details from all the products out there to such degree.

If you do what  lot of consumers do which is look at sauna site after sauna site you’ll start to think they all look the same. They certainly do look similar but there can be vast differences in the quality of a product from the next.  The total weight of a sauna is a perfect example.

The challenge of being a consumer in the infrared sauna market is that most people have to figure out what brand and model to go with meanwhile never having the opportunity to try the various saunas they are cross comparing!! If these products were really cheap it would be a far easier decision for most people.

This is why I have made it my mission to touch and feel and research the various brands and models and to pass on this direct first hand knowledge and experience to consumers everywhere. In some cases it requires going above and beyond and examining saunas or trying to validate their claims and specifications with other equipment like laser thermometers, EMF meters, Thermographic cameras (measures infrared heat signatures) to just name a few things.

Not only should a consumer ideally experience multiple saunas but in their research it is not always even feasible to do other kinds of research like traveling to sauna factories or going to a company’s headquarters to learn more behind the scenes.

Please bear with the current state of my website as much information that was up on a previous site is being forwarded to a brand new website. In the interim I always can share more info when I am contacted directly my phone or filling out contact form for support on this site.

**I am authorized to sell every major brand of sauna on the market.