This is the largest of the Sunlighten Signature series and is called the Community.

Everyone keeps asking what this unique color grain of wood is and it is Eucalyptus. If you are going to be putting your sauna in a commercial setting it’s a nice color to use because not only is is very hypoallergenic but over time any stains to the wood are not very visible.

You can remove the benches and easily put them back in! There are only a couple other brands on the market where you can do that and this can really be a big plus for being able to do other forms of exercise like yoga in the sauna.

The ramp is optional. The wood of the floor is a lot thicker than the walls in fact the cut and thickness is the biggest in the sauna industry. This sauna was really designed to hold up over a long period of time and one of the common things to go first in a sauna is the floors can weakening, crack, warp etc. but there is no chance of that happening in this brand.