As I say while I recommend not shopping for your sauna from pictures alone unfortunately hundreds to thousands of consumers are doing that every single day trying to figure out which Infrared Sauna brand is best for their needs and the best value but never actually getting to try the brands out and investigating in person.

Would you ever try to purchase a bed online without trying it?

All the various saunas start to look the same after a while in all the pictures online but I can assure you that there are vast differences in quality which can say a lot about the infrared sauna company itself.

Take this Sunlighten Signature III Series for example you could never tell that the emitter system is actually constructed being built into the walls (this is the only company that does this for easy cleaning, comfort level -due to their carbon’s being 95% efficient the body needs a little space from them as they get hot, and reducing EMF with distance, easy repair access, ARE NOT GLUED TO THE WOOD WALLS LIKE ALL OTHER CARBON SAUNAS).

It is WAY more expensive to cut into these pieces  and still keep the board lines accurate even going from wall to wall in the corners. The average consumer wouldn’t catch this but this says a lot about cost to construct.

Why is that important to note? Well for one thing most sauna companies grossly overprice their saunas. Second, there is only one reason a sauna company would spend a lot more money manufacturing better quality, because they care about their customers. It may sound cheezy to some but you start to get to know this industry and you’ll quickly learn that most companies and manufacturers don’t care even when it comes to safety and are trying to maximize profit margins whenever they can.

This is why I always recommend purchasing not from just a sauna company but it’s IMPORTANT that company also be the manufacturer. This is truly the only way for the company to assume greater or complete control over the quality standards.

When a sauna company is created they have two choices, try to manufacture or simply contract out to a third party factory. The latter option will yield far bigger profit gains and far quicker and that is why 90% of sauna companies have a overseas factory make their saunas and they stick their brand name on it.