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SEA WATER FOR THERAPEUTIC PURPOSES: THE TARGET CELL Quinton Laboratories markets a product that is unique and exclusive all over the world: Sea Water collected in a special place in the North Sea that undergoes cold sterilization so that none of its properties are lost.

Sea Water’s therapeutic qualities that are extremely beneficial for the human organism had already been discovered in Ancient times by the schools of Pythagoras and Hippocrates, and in the XIX century this scientific knowledge was taken up again by the French Biologist René Quinton.

He proved that any living organism, whatever rank it occupies on the zoological nomenclature is still a marine aquarium, where its cells, are born and die in the same water conditions as those in which primitive cells originated, which is based on the fundamental principle: human blood has a very similar composition to Sea Water.

The therapeutic values of Sea Water as an essential element for life development are fundamentally based on the fact that the quality of organic water is indispensable to maintain the hydro mineral equilibrium of our cells.

These are nourished by the extra-cellular fluid and the ions that move around them. The bioavailability of the ions means that absorption is natural and immediate instead of being harmful which could result in metabolic disorders or poisoning.

Marine Therapy is a cellular nutrition technique that is supported by more than 100 years of clinical use started by René Quinton and has proven to be very effective when treating illnesses related to Dermatology, Allergies, Gastroenterology, Dentistry, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Sport’s Medicine, Ophthalmology, Respiratory Physiotherapy, etcetera. “Marine Therapy is a cellular nutrition technique that is supported by more than 100 years of clinical use” By Francisco Javier Coll SEA WATER, ALL THE ELEMENTS OF THE PERIODIC TABLE.

When René Quinton began his studies, he discovered that Sea Water contained 15 elements that were classified in Mendeleev´s periodic table. As his research continued another five more elements were added, and he suspected that all of them were present. And indeed, as clinical studies progress, more elements appear, until René’s suspicions were finally confirmed: Sea Water contains all the elements from Mendeleev´s periodic table and in the same ratio as those contained in our own Internal ocean, that is made up of the different organic liquids such as: extra-cellular fluid, blood plasma, tears, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.

Henry Doffin, Professor of Biology (Faculty of Science in Poitiers, France), discovered this in 1950. More recently, research at the Coral Gables University (Miami-USA) was carried out using a molar approximation through “neuron diffraction spectrometry”.

This is the most accurate method so far to prove that the qualitative composition of natural Seawater’s TOTUM iono-minerals and concentration contains 83 BIO AVAILABLE elements at biological temperature.

Originally Sea Water had a lower mineral salt concentration than nowadays, which means that it has to be diluted with low mineralization spring water. Every litre of Sea Water contains an average 300 milligrams of prebiotic carbon derivatives, such as amino acids, sugars, vitamins, etc.

The ions (present in the liquid-phase, do not exist in the solid phase) are natural chemical-electronic elements, that are transformed into natural chains by phytoplankton and zooplankton. They work together on a natural symbiosis with our organism, whose mineral fluid composition is identical to that of Sea Water.

Our research work enables us to be at the forefront of cellular nutrition. Our commitment involves annually financing various studies, carried out by Spanish Universities, to obtain new data on the therapeutic benefits of Sea Water: “Our organism gets depleted for numerous reasons: dehydration, illnesses, contamination, nutritional deficiencies. Drinkable Sea Water restores the cellular system’s equilibrium and vitality by regenerating it”.

Research is being done in the world of professional sports too, where it is consumed on a daily basis as a food supplement and has produced excellent results both during competitions and training.

There are details on the historical, scientific and therapeutic aspects of Sea Water based treatment in the following pages of this brochure. “Quinton’s Sea Water favours the organism’s health by completely renewing and nourishing cells”