If you know my work online I made one of the more original HOCATT videos years ago and worked with the company selling those equipment for many years then came along the Refire Chamber which vastly improved upon the HOCATT in many ways which I go over in this review video.

Keep in mind that as a distributor I can offer a discount off the the $69,900 price point vs going direct to innergydev.com. If you do go direct you can mention my name if you happened to speak to anyone there and that I was offering a discount they certainly would match it but most likely just refer you right back to me.

This health equipment is totally unique and certainly a great deal considering the modalities it delivers vs trying to pursue purchasing all the modalities seperately…and of course if you did that you can’t produce the same therapeutic effect when administering them all together within this chamber.

As I mentioned it’s manufactured in the USA by the company Innergy Development based in Utah. This company is well experienced in developing cutting edge health tech as you can see by their suite of unique products on their website. Feel free to ask me about anything you see there. They also have some unique equipnent not featured on the website. In house financing is available by the way however that requires minimum 2-3 equipment purchases.

Normally with most of the manufacturers/health companies I work with they have like 1 flagship product and if they have any other models of things, many times it’s manufactured by another company and then re-branded…

Innergy Development however manufactures everything in house and has several breakthrough flagship products.

If you want to learn more and have any questions or need to consult on how to achieve a quick ROI on this product in 2-3 months with a turnkey system I do support all of that. I do not believe in this approach many health equipment companies take which is sell a product and provide no support and consultation to their customer on how to achieve ROI. Does the Refire Chamber provide incredible health outcomes for patients and clients? Yes. Does that mean you will achieve a quick ROI? Not necessarily. And I stand by this statement with regards to any kind of medical devices or wellness tools and equipment.

There is more to a health business than just stocking it with the best technology and so please reach out anytime if you want to discuss how best to improve your annual and monthly revenue with this chamber as the programs and support I run will also boost your sales with other modalities you have at your clinic already and includes bringing in more new clients.

If you don’t know, I also work with around 100 other incredible health equipment companies. The Refire Chamber could certainly be seen or offered at your business or home as a stand alone protocol considering so many modalities are possible with it.

Wellness clinics can literally offer the 20 min sessions to just about anyone that walks through the door regardless of their health goals or conditions and get good results.

Those of you who know me of course are familiar with how I educate and consult with people about the importance of putting together a synergistic protocol with the right modalities for a person. So I can appreciate what the Refire chamber is delivering here, since the ease for both the practitioner and the client/patient is setting up the programs and then hitting run.

This is quite an efficient approach as well vs pursuing back to back multiple modalities or therapies for a client and juggling the scheduling of all that! This is A workhorse machine and can handle back to back bookings of clients everyday. Sessions times average 20 min. Note you can’t tell from the pictures but this can accommodate even tall and large individuals or athletes.