Click here to get brochure and price quotes on this mini model… Or maybe you want a portable? Here is my review of top three portable infrared saunas This Mini Infrared sauna is a totally unique design to the market and is Made by Sun Stream Saunas in canada. If you are Looking for a good quality sauna but don’t want to spend a lot and at the same time consider this mini option or the portable saunas I reviewed at the website link above. This unique Mini infrared sauna is actually a bit smaller than a 1 person standard sauna and is very therapeutic due to the fact that you are surrounded by infrared emitters on all sides. Many saunas don’t have adequate infrared converge in front of your body but this one does by uniquely designing it so the door is in the corner of the infrared sauna versus traditionally in front of you directly. If you have more questions I’m available anytime to answer your questions about this and many brands in the industry.