UPDATE: This chamber now comes with hydrogen gas output for inhalation. 1200 studies+ show amazing benefits to hydrogen therapy. Inhalation of it is particularly good for a very wide amount of conditions related to the brain.

Contact me for questions or pricing etc ton contact me. This is one of the more unique wellness equipment on the market created by the leading edge health tech company Innergy Development.

It Helps rapidly guide the brain and mind hone into Theta state within minutes and in that mode the other modalities this chamber offers simultaneously can have a powerful synergistic effect to produce efficient and effortless shifts in biorythms.

This equipment has had a long track record for decades of helping people young and old with wide variety of conditions. You have to remember that this equipment is not even just for the conditions it mentioned…this is an important wellness approach to take for anyone trying to work through major health issues be it acute and especially chronic.

The brain, mind, emotions play a MAJOR role in our capacity to heal ourselves. So the Theta wellness chamber is a really important piece in developing a truly holistic healing protocol.