This is NOT a clickbait title.

I sincerely want you to understand that the reservoir bag materials on ALMOST all the brands is unsafe and reactive to oxygen, heat, humidity in storage when the oxygen concentrators are filling it up.

Most people know I sell multiple brands usually depending on the health category but in the case of EWOT the ONLY safe brand I have found is Liveo2. This is the company that started researching materials for all components 8 years ahead of the first competitor in the industry/copy cat.

This company is by far the most knowledgable on this technology and modality as a whole I have found. They offer the best training and protocols and you’ll see them at the Alternative
Complimentary Institute of Medicine conferences as the only approved EWOT vendor who can attend as exhibitors…there is a reason for this.

If you are interested in ordering the unit or have questions please support what I do and order directly with me.

We can also talk about other modalities as well and what is synergistic and supportive for your particular set of needs.