Everyone has a unique set of needs and circumstance. If you want to skip through having to spend hours upon hours reading misinformation and being pursued by sauna company sales people there is an alternative. I am a dealer for multiple brands and have spent years researching the various brands and companies and models to determine what is true and accurate when it comes to a sauna’s therapeutic value and quality.

To my knowledge I am the only Infrared sauna consultant in the industry doing what I am doing and I would be happy to speak with you by phone or email anytime to help you find the right Infrared sauna brand for your needs.

Best way to to get help is visit my site and fill out the Contact or Support page and briefly describe your health goals, any conditions any other users may have, and also your budget and timeline for purchase.

Look to me as a resource for any brand you are considering as well as to learn about infrared sauna brands you may not have heard of yet. I will not spam you or call you everyday like these sauna sales people do but care most about making sure you get the best infrared sauna.

If you have seen this youtube video and fill out your contact info on my site be sure to use the promo code in the form.


That gets you 10% off any brand regardless of whether you are a health practitioner or not. In general sauna companies reserve such a discount exclusively for health practitioners in commercial settings. It’s just my thanks for you taking the time to fill out the brief info on my site which really helps me better stay organized and efficient in my capacity to help as many people as I can.